About us

Chapel Hill Consulting

We have a proven track record as a flexible and multi-faceted organisation with a ‘can do’ attitude that sets us apart from our competitors. We have an in depth knowledge of the construction industry and how it interfaces with the rail sector. This places us in the unique position of being able to provide both clients and contractors with assistance for a broad range of commercial management activities to reduce risk and provide project successes.

We work extensively with client procurement business functions, working to obtain value for money with a flexible approach, generally through competitive tendering, but equally experienced in alternative methods of procurement.

We are uniquely positioned to address the demands of our clients. We understand the criticality of relationships with the British rail industry,  how safety is paramount, and we believe in the importance of continued improvement. 

We are able to provide technical advice for a variety of construction techniques and services including: Track Renewal, Signalling Upgrade together with Train Depot and Station construction, upgrades and maintenance.

Martin Pudney

I have 40 years experience in commercial and contracts management throughout a wide range of building and civil engineering schemes, including 20 years in railway infrastructure projects.

My early track record includes successful projects in the marine, civil engineering, residential and commercial building sectors. My commitment to continuous professional development means that I have a firm grasp of current industry best practice.

My experiences within rail have exposed me to complex, high-value projects requiring effective commercial leadership together with a sound understanding of how to manage the full range of commercial issues.